Our office uses many of the latest dental technologies to improve the comfort and safety of our patients. These technologies equip us to deliver the finest dental care available.
Same Day Crowns are Here!


We’ve invested in some of the newest technology to provide you with the dental care you need and the convenience you want in a single visit. We scan your tooth rather than take a conventional impression. Then a custom restoration is designed for you, after which it is transferred to the milling unit where your crown is created right in our dental office. The final restoration is placed in your mouth the same day. All this is possible because of E4D CAD-CAM technology.


More new and exciting technology has arrived, the Neoss Dental Implant System. We are now placing implants and as well as doing the final restoration, alleviating the need for you to be referred out to have the implant placed by a specialist and the restoration done in our office. It now can all be done in our office.

Odyssey Laser

The Odyssey Laser represents the latest technology available for soft tissue and preventative care. This Laser painlessly treats and eliminates Cold Sores and Canker Sores. It also kills bacteria that cause Gingivitis.



Other state-of-the-art dental equipment you’ll find in our office is:

Digital X-Rays: which are excellent diagnostic tools and also emit up to 90-percent less radiation than traditional X-Rays.

Intraoral Camera: helps provide early detection of small problems.

Sterilization: we use up-to-date, state-of-the-art, sterilization procedures to ensure your safety and health.

Ultrasonic Scalers: allow the hygienist to thoroughly and quickly do periodontal care over traditional methods.


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